img1Diane Sullivan is a certified Hypnotherapist, serving Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Diane has received advanced certification in Clinical, Medical, and Pain Management Hypnotism as well as Hypnofertility Therapy. Diane has been a licensed  professional counselor since 2001, she counselled  junior college students with disabilities and was a case manager in a long term care facility until starting her Hypnotherapy practice in 2006.

Hypnosis benefits most people navigating through difficult life transitions, fears, or self-sabotaging behaviors or habits such as emotional eating, compulsive shopping, or smoking.
Hypnosis helps people to manage pain and discomfort and assists women in optimizing conditions supporting fertility and pregnancy. Other clients simply want to improve their performance, confidence or self- esteem allowing them to attract positive outcomes and prosperity. Still others wish to explore the fascinating possibilities that Past Life Regression offers. I have also performed hundreds of Hypnotic Gastric Band weight loss sessions as well as Hypnotic Smoking Cessation sessions with extremely high success rates.

Hypnosis provides the perfect therapeutic tool for such issues as it is brief, client- centered, and very empowering. Drawing from the well of wisdom, experience, and inner knowledge you already possess. It is your birthright to be happy. Allow me the honor of assisting you in turning your dreams into reality.

What is Hypnotherapy?
n truth all hypnosis is technically self-hypnosis. The Certified Hypnotherapist simply acts as a guide through the process. Hypnosis is a level of consciousness characterized by relaxation and suggestibility, during which the conscious mind is distracted allowing direct access to the subconscious mind where almost limitless information from one’s past is stored including fears, inhibitions, habits, and emotions.
During the hypnotic state, changes occur in the structure of the brain where the two halves of the brain are linked. These changes allow more information to flow from one side of the brain to the other than during normal consciousness. Some of the electrical charge is weakened in the part of the brain which controls habits, allowing a path to be made to the center of the subconscious; this enables one to become more receptive to change. Through imagery and positive suggestion new connections can be formed among the nerve cells producing the desired results. Old messages are eliminated, and new therapeutic messages are substituted.

Hypnosis was recognized by the American Medical Association in 1958 as a legitimate treatment method for applications in both medicine and dentistry. Since that time it has become highly respected and sought after to alleviate a number of conditions, to manage habits and to relieve stress using the vast resources of the subconscious mind.

Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, IL “For the last three years Diane has facilitated the “Guided Imagery group for those affected by cancer.”
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