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national certified counselor

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Fee Schedule

The following is the fee schedule for individual one-on-one sessions. Also listed are audio CD's which can be used as reinforcement for between sessions or after completion of a program.


Gift Certificates are available!

Gift Certificates are available in any amount.

Hypnosis Sessions

Regular session - Each regular session runs approximately 60 minutes. First session includes a Free 30 minute consultation for no additional fee.
$175 per hour

Hypnotic Gastric Band Sesions - Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a recently developed treatment for obesity. I have performed over 150 with great success.
$175 per hour

Smoking Cessation - A single session which runs two and one half hours.
Bonus - Free 30 minute consultation and a Free reinforcement audio CD at the end of the session.

Self-Hypnosis CD's

  • Weight Management
  • Exercise Motivator
  • Restful Sleep
  • Unlock Your Success

$50 each

Custom CD's

$150 each

Payment Policy

Cash or Check

Insurance rarely covers hypnosis services at this point in time. Although hypnotism is a government-recognized therapy, it is not a medical procedure. As a result, in most situations medical insurance will not apply.


Cancelled appointments will be billed $50.00.

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Note: I am not a medical doctor nor do I portray myself as such. Should you believe you require these services it is suggested that you consult a medical doctor or psychiatrist for treatment.